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-   +---- 
- That will make for a nice leveling build and a pretty decent build for Pv P scenariosReports suggested that more than 30 percent of casinos are unlicensed and are still doing their brisk business with head held highA huge variety of slot games have been introduced to entertain peopleSo the thrill of online casino poker is something that you cannot hide. This is something you don't have to worry about if you are gambling at a land based place, but this is a common thing on the internet  + 
-   +===== 문서 ===== 
- There are many online casino gambling sites that offer bigger payouts, exciting bonuses, and several feebiesThe IRS encourages everyone to get a head begin on tax preparationHe published a book that enlarged the article two years later called, Beat The Dealer: A Favorable Strategy for The Game of Twenty-One. In addition to the academic lessons your child will learn when playing Dora games, they will also be learning valuable character education lessons. Finally, you can launch your new casino site with your own brand name and marketing scheme to entice avid gamblers.+ 
 +  * [[http://​​books/​clojure-complete/​index.html|클로저 완전정복]] 
 +  [[​docs/​clojure-and-gof-design-patterns.html|클로저 디자인패턴]] 
 +===== 소스코드 예제 표기요령 ====== 
 +이 위키에 Clojure 코드를 올리시는 분들은가급적 다음의 표기법을 따라 주시기 바랍니다. 
 +<code clojure>​ 
 +(defn get-name [] 
 +  (println "Enter Your Name:"​) 
 +  (let [name (read-line)] 
 +    (println "​Hello,"​ name) 
 +    name)) 
 +;>> Enter Your Name: 
 +;<< MrKim 
 +;>> HelloMrKim 
 +;=> "MrKim" 
 +(/ 1 0) 
 +;-> Divide by zero 
 +;​-> ​  ​[Thrown class java.lang.ArithmeticException] 
 +위에서 사용한 별도의 기호들에 대한 설명은 다음과 같습니다참고로, 위에서 ​'';''​ 문자는 
 +Clojure의 주석 처리 문자입니다
 +;>> 화면에 출력된 내용을 표시한다. 
 +;<< 키보드로 입력한 내용을 표시한다 
 +;=> 함수의 반환값을 표시한다. 
 +;-> 출력된 에러 메시지를 표시한다. 
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